The Freedom to speak truth


Sometimes the hardest thing and the right thing are the same

Stand up for what is right! Which right though? The right you think is right, what your companion thinks is right or what God thinks is right? Which right is right?

Like always, it’s easier said than done. You don’t know your strength or how much you can stand up for the truth, unless you are put to test. The truth shall set you free. Yes, it will, but you often fail to do so, thinking of all the consequences if you did. It’s often the fear you have of the opinions of others or the fear of losing someone. You are free, you are not in prison, yet you don’t have the freedom. The freedom to do what your heart says. The freedom to do what God wants you to do. You may have the freedom of speech, the freedom of religion and the freedom of press; but where is the freedom to speak the truth? To speak and never be judged, never be left out…  To never face the consequences!

I was put into such a situation; I love God, I want to tell the truth; and at the same time lie because I have to save someone. These three things are different. Very different! But there will come a time when they all come together, and you have to choose. You will have to make up your mind. Should I go with what God puts into my heart (the truth)? Or should I go with lies (I am saving someone from getting into trouble). Eventually I made up my mind; but then came the ‘ifs’ (the daunting part). If I tell the truth, won’t she get into trouble? Won’t I lose a friend? If I lie, am I not breaking someone else’s trust? Will the righteousness in me not haunt me for the rest of my days? 

 I looked at the many quotes stuck on my white washed walls. My gaze changed course onto the one I like the most. The one quote I needed, in that situation.

The greatest fear in the world is of the opinions of others. And the moment you are unafraid of the crowd you are no longer a sheep, you become a lion. A great roar arises in your heart, the roar of freedom.

I have always been a sheep, and I know I will continue to be one. But not this time! Let me experience being a lion, let me hear the great roar in my heart. Let me be free!


Realize, Forgive and Forget


When there is light, there is a shadow

There are always two sides to everything in this wide world. As long as there is good, evil exists and vice versa. When you come across people who do something that is not acceptable, you show them what is acceptable and pleasing to the maker.

“OMG! He is such a bad boy”; “she did this to me…” Let’s rewind. First of all, it’s crucial to understand no body in this world is perfect. The word does exist in the dictionary, and of course, you can use it, but just not to describe humans! Now, since you realized you are not far off from where he/she is, let’s talk about their positive mentality. There must be something respectable they have done; willingly or unwillingly, knowingly or unknowingly. Maybe not to you but somebody else, yet it still counts! This is one way of dealing with the problem – knowing you have a speck in your eye and by finding the goodness in him/ her.

A prayer is not only thanking God, but also a way of releasing all your worries and burdens. Talk to your heavenly father about him/ her. Pray for them, asking God to open up their hearts and help them to spread the goodness more. You can also ask God to give you the heart to forgive them. There is no greater blessing than having the mind to forgive people when they do wrong. People may repeat their mistakes over and over. But like the scripture says, Forgive them not seven times but seventy. If you forgive them, the holy one will forgive your sins too.

Another practice (my favorite one) is forgetting (or at least try to because I know it’s hard) what they did to you. Why carry that extra burden, when you don’t have to? From my experience I can tell you, your life will become much easier and happier. Smile and let go of it, leave it to God, and he will handle it beautifully!

All you have to do when a situation like this arises – realize, forgive and forget. These steps can bring the beam back to your face.

Have a blessed evening!


Shine bright like a Diamond

SOMESLASHTHINGS+AGENCY+chanel+haute+joaillerie+04This post is dedicated to the jewel of my family chain; my youngest sister.

In this dark world, you will come across many things that try to make you lose your shine. We, your elders, would like to polish every scratch and keep you sparkling as long as we can. I want you to learn a lesson from the diamond, a girl’s best friend. It sure is dazzling, but there is a tough journey behind the gloss.

Over countless years, at an incredibly high heat and pressure, rough diamonds are formed. This is the student’s life; preparing for exams, stress to complete homework and projects, learning to organize and many, many, more lessons! Finally, after nineteen years of your life, you begin to form a shape.

The diamond reaches the surface through a volcanic eruption. This is when you jump from being a teen to an ADULT! This might be the scary bit but take heart my sister; this is the stage where you begin to shine.

Diamonds are sorted into categories according to weight, color and clarity. When you go to universities or out into this world, you might be bullied according to where you come from, how you look, speak…It’s okay, don’t worry. In the end all of you have a value, no matter what.

Diamonds are cut and sawed till the stone is smooth. Your elders are there to polish you and to teach you discernment in order to have a steady life.

Each stone is checked in the microscope for clarity. We want to see the purity in you; all the habits and manners you were taught, the personality and character you built when you were small. This is important if you want to be successful in life.

After the diamonds are manufactured, they are ready to be sold to jewelry makers. This is the last stage; you have been taught everything you must know and now you are ready to be on your own. You are ready to take your own decisions. With the help from your heavenly father, you can surely shine. Look back and thank your elders, move forward, trusting God.

The lives of diamonds are worth teaching and learning from. It can be challenging and perhaps painful, but in the end you are all set to shine and reflect on who you are. Even if it means standing alone, you have the power to glow. Whatever you do and wherever you are, make the people around you happy and spread love enduringly. I am sure you will make all of us proud. Wishing you all the best.

With lots of love & prayers



Fearfully and Wonderfully made


Hey gorgeous!

Yes, you who’s reading this right now. You have a beauty deep inside you that you haven’t still found out. The world may judge you from the outside but I look at your heart.

It’s okay sweetie to feel insecure about yourself sometimes; it’s something everyone feels no matter how perfect they are. No, no one is perfect. Admiringly everyone looks at Instyle, shape, star, my weekly… (The list goes on and on); the glowing,spotless skin on the cover page and then you look at yourself. I am on the other end of the scale. I can imagine myself in there, the slim body…Why couldn’t I have been born with straight and soft hair? All these tormenting thoughts and questions I listen to whenever you flip through the prismatic pages.

My dear, I want you to understand this is only an illusion they create. They want you to change the way you look and be like them. They want you to canvas your face with all sorts of colours and chemicals. You are only covering up the beautiful ‘you’ I have created. Whenever you feel like complaining about how you look, I can give you ten thousand reasons to smile and thank me.

You have such pretty eyes, open them and look around because you have sight. You are not blind. You have a charming smile, a gift that not everyone has. Use it to enhance your warm personality. You have hands and legs and I have blessed you with everything you require. You are blessed my child. Always remember, I love you just the way you are. If someone calls you ugly, forgive them because that’s a wonderful thing in you which only I see; that’s how you show the world how beautiful you are. If you are discouraged, keep fighting harder; when laughed at, laugh with them; if they hate you, you love them, keeping in mind, that they hate me who created you. In the end it was never between you and them, it is between you and me.

With love,



An unexplained state


The journey offers copious choices

and we listen to the vexatious voices,

screaming inside our heads, until we cease.


The path ahead perhaps has been misled;

by the unread thoughts in the feather bed,

or the unsaid words we forget to express.


So silent, yet so startling,

the battle we fight inside the head.

This is the unexplored case,

a constant battle of ‘this and that’.


An unexplained state,

in the form of poetry

by an unidentified person,

and it’s called confusion.

 – Anonymous

*A confusing poem about confusion to disclose the state of being confused*


An idler’s summer

turning_off_alarm She is just like any other high school student; desperately wants a break from her seven hour schedule (of nothing but lifeless lessons and endless notes). Summer is just around the corner and she cannot wait, for she had made some innovative plans and a few promises to herself.

Finally, the day arrived where she no longer had to drag herself out of bed at 6 am, or hunt for text books among the towering book piles in her cluttered territory. No more last-minute stuffing-breakfast into her mouth and no more brisk walks to school. ‘I don’t have to worry about any of these things until September’ she says with a broad smile on her Sun tanned face.

July 1st, 2015, the first day of her exciting summer holidays. She opened her wide brown eyes to the sudden screaming of her 8:30 am alarm. It’s the indication to the time for the morning walk she promised herself to do every day over the summer. So, morning walk out of today’s to-do list.

Its 10 am and she is finally downstairs for breakfast. Disappointingly she looked down at her to-do list munching a few cereals. She has not only missed her morning walk but also making pancakes and berry shake for breakfast. ‘Now it’s too late to make any of these’, she said to herself sadly but at the same time pacified herself saying there’s always a tomorrow. Next on the list; sewing lessons with grandpa, making friendship bracelets… She skim-read the list until she found something that pleased her mood, watching T.V. The minute hand ran promptly, the hour hand chased it until the latter stopped by 1. “Time for lunch”, her mom howled from across the room. Whining about her growing headache, she dragged herself, hastily had lunch and went back to bed to soothe her headache.

At quarter to seven she was free from her head ache and decided to get out of bed. She was welcomed downstairs by the captivating aroma of the Shepherd’s pie. After feasting on the pie, she wanted to do something productive and thought helping her mother was a great idea. ‘There were only a few dishes to wash and I am already tired! Goodness me! How can I bring about a family in a few years’ time? …’. The countless thoughts eventually became a burden for her and she went back to her cozy bed again. ‘This day passed by without me doing anything fruitful. God please help me to make full use of these holidays you have blessed me with and help me to do something favorable in your eyes. Amen’. 

She woke up every morning facing similar situations and went to bed every night praying for the same issues.

Days passed by and ultimately weeks, yet she wasn’t able to do anything innovative or keep her promises. The force of laziness was so powerful that it dragged her along with it. She was worried not because she didn’t have anything to do, but because she had many things to do and couldn’t help but sleep all day. ‘This routine cannot just carry on; it has to be altered somehow and soon’.

Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls,

This is a situation most of us face. We want to do a lot but simply cannot because we are either unwilling to put in a little effort or simply the mood isn’t right. I am writing this post openly because ‘She’ is none other than me. Honestly, this has been my schedule for the past two weeks. This post is the evidence that I am fighting laziness with the power of determination.

Yesterday, before going to bed I made up my mind. I knew I couldn’t all of a sudden become an active person, it takes time. So, one small step at a time. Surprisingly instead of 10 am I managed to be a victim to my alarm and woke up at 8:30. For me this was something hard to do, but with a little will power I was able to fight and win.

To be an active person and to untangle yourself from the bonds of laziness, you need only two tools; a goal and self-determination. If you set a goal, you always have something to look forward to and you will often find yourself wanting to put some effort in. Self-determination should come from deep within that controls you; your mind, will and emotions. It’s not something you find in you when you wake up one morning; you have to put it in there because no one else can. Remember this – no one knows you more than you yourself. You know what you are capable of; don’t let others trip you over. So, buckle up, the adventure is about to begin!

Have a wonderful summer!


A treasure I will always treasure

father-daughter (1)


‘Anyone can be a Father, but it takes someone very special to be a Dad’

 The dictionary defines a father as a man in relation to his natural child or children. Well, a father to me is more than this. I simply do not have enough words to describe what my father has done for me in the past 15 years. I have to thank him someday, sometime and in someplace. So, why not today? Why not right now? Why not right here?

Dad, let me start by thanking you for all you have done for me. Thank you for picking me up every time I fall down and thank you for having confidence in me even when I lost hope in myself. You were always there for me as a lamp in the darkness and a guide whenever I lost my way. There is nothing in this world that you haven’t done for me. I will always follow your footsteps because I know it will only lead me to success. The person I am today is the result of your time and dedication in shaping me. As long as you are here with me, the sun will shine, the plants will grow and I will be whole.

In a few years’ time,I will leave the nest, but no matter which corner in this world I am, you will always be treasured in my heart.

You will hold my hand only for a little while, but you will always hold my heart

Happy Father’s day!


Taming your Deceiver


The poor people are often the most generous

It is difficult to tame your eyes, but it’s not impossible.

Look around you, are you happy? If not, why? Do you still need that sparkly Gucci bag because Louis Vuitton failed to keep you pleased? Pause. Think again. Do we really need all these things? Would buying more keep you happier? These are questions we often forget to ask ourselves.

Just like any other girl, I loved to shop. I looked at my shopping bag and “Girl, I’m happy!” I’m so proud of my selections until I see my friend in a vibrant floral top. ‘Oh dear me! I have fallen in love with it. How I want it!’ Pause. There are children all over the world who wear the same clothes every day. They are happy not because they have everything they want but because they have everything they need. Yes, we should learn to differentiate between wanting and needing things. Guess what? If you have a roof above your head, food and water you are richer than 80% of humanity who live on less than $10 a day. We should always remember; Giving would never make you poor, only happier.

So, next time you go shopping, think. Are you shopping for what you need or for your heart’s desires? You may think buying that one shirt wouldn’t make a big difference, but believe me it does! That money could be just enough to feed a starving child which in order could save a life.

Keep this quote at the back of your minds –

‘You can only buy too much, never give enough’

Have a blessed week ahead!