In His Time

My dear faithful readers,

It has been half a year since I have posted something fresh, but hopefully all of you got an opportunity to experience what it feels like to await, be it for my posts or for something you have prayed for a prolonged period. 

You have prodigious ambitions of who you want to be in life. You have plans for the bustling week ahead and set schedules for your demanding tomorrow. Now, before you pile up more to your already piled up to- do list, pause, rewind and recall… When was the last time  your lips spoke the powerful words ‘Thy will be done’?

In his time, in his time

He makes all things beautiful in his time…

God! This sounds so sweet when you sing it in church; unfortunately, it’s challenging to apply this to your everyday life. In some way or the other you want to do things by your self. You want your plans to work out at the right time. The time you decided not God.

Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards

October, 2015

“Sir, October is Breast cancer awareness month. We, the year eleven’s, would like to spread awareness and raise money for the cancer patients by organizing a sponsor walk. “

“Well, that’s great”! However, you need to hand out consent sheets to parents, plan the route, and get in contact with the security, the medical…”

After a few weeks… 

“I’m sorry Cinthia, I discussed this with our heads and we don’t quite think it will work out this academic year. I’m sorry, I did try my best.” 

I don’t understand. I’m doing such a great thing for the patients who can’t afford treatments and medications. Why Lord, why is this not working out? Just like a Police officer questioning the witnesses after a crime, I started questioning my witness, My Lord.

October, 2016

“Sir, October is Breast cancer awareness month. We, the sixth former’s, would like to spread awareness and raise money for the cancer patients by organizing a Non-uniform day and a Bake sale.”

“That is a wonderful idea. However, you need to…”

After a few weeks…

“Well done Cinthia! We teachers are so proud of you and your classmates. You have managed to raise an extensive amount for the cancer patients” 

I don’t understand. How did it work out this time but not last year? The question changed from why to how? (By now, dear readers, I hope you are aware of how much I love questioning!)

Then slowly like a snail it glided into my overwhelmed head. I was in the last year of my IGCSE (exams), a crucial time for most teenagers in school. I had to concentrate on nine subjects and wouldn’t have time for ‘extra stuff’ (especially me being a non all-rounder and very poor at multitasking). God knew beforehand that I was incapable of running a campaign especially with exams a stone’s throw away. He knew that but I failed to view it from a student’s perspective. However, this year, I had only two subjects to take care of and had abundant free time to prepare for the Bake sale.

I am writing this post to tell you, my wonderful readers- do not be disheartened when something doesn’t work out the way you planned it. You might believe that it is the most suitable time, but no, God has better plans for you, and, because he knows your future, he knows the obstacles coming towards you. What he wants from you is to be strong with hope, faith, patience and blind trust in him. He knows what he is doing, we don’t!

Dear God, please help my readers understand this lesson. When they encounter situations like this, help them to know that it is always for the best. Help them to submit their plans into thy hands. Equip them with strength, faith, trust, patience and hope. Amen.

Here ends my Testimony. May God bless you all with a happy and prosperous New Year.


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