True Christmas

White-Christmas-Tree-Wallpaper-02When I was a little girl, Christmas was all about decorating the green tree, waiting for Santa clause, opening up stockings and gorging up those heavenly Christmas cakes. I grew older and older experiencing the same old Christmas rituals (however this time a few more added to the agenda); wishing people, buying and receiving presents, licking candy canes and singing carols. In spite of all this, I still felt something missing.

25th December, 2015- I looked back to all those Christmas days; the parties, the dinners, wrapped up gifts, the beautifully lit up houses and the lively trees. It was and it is indeed a celebration. A celebration for what reason though? Does Christmas only signify Jesus’s birth? Or is there more to what I’ve been taught, seen and heard?

My day started at 8 am, when the news about my mom making pancakes reached my ears. I went downstairs, complaining to my mom about how this is a special day but I feel it’s just like any other day. We shared our opinions and agreed that it’s because every day is a celebration for us. We have clothes covering our bodies, piping hot food on the table, clean water to drink, a roof above our heads, a car and last but not the least money! We didn’t have to save up for anything (basically its luxury every day).

I looked down at a piece of paper with the word Christmas inked out. God, I thank you for this beautiful day and all these blessing I enjoy. I know there’s something more to all this. I want to start by asking a very simple question (a question I had no answer to after all these years of celebrating it), what is Christmas? I concentrated on the letters, and then the word ‘Christmas’, over and over and over again. Finally a bulb lit somewhere in my head (maybe not bright enough, but good enough for a start)

‘Christmas’- CHRIST Made A Sacrifice 

Yes, Yes, Yes! It is a day to remember God had to send his only son for us, so that we can be closer to our Heavenly Father. It is to remember and thank him for his unfailing and compassionate love for us. Let this day be a reminder of how we should love and care for people just like our Abba father. Let us give to the needy and lost souls; let it be a celebration for them. It is indeed a day of remembrance!

Merry Christmas!


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