No longer a home


Years ago, I lived in a place called home;

It was filled with laughter and full of life.

Love was the door to our happiness,

and trust was our dome.

I remember my brothers;

the ones who grew up with me,

The ones who made me complete.

 They knew nothing but to love and care.

Time passed by, altering everything on its way.

Now I live in white blocks, concealed from this world.

The walls are plain, with only a memory on the wall.

I have everything to live, yet I am empty;

I have money, still I am poor,

I have love but still I am despised,

I have freedom, yet I am a prisoner.

I have lights yet I live in darkness;

I have friends still I am lonely,

I am healthy yet I feel sick.

Sick of people fighting,

Sick from no love,

Sick of this blinding darkness.

I can always find a house, but never a home.


3 thoughts on “No longer a home”

  1. This, no doubt is the real world around you. True, there are ample light providing equipment, but you rarely see any shine. Darkness prevail over every thing. Appreciate your thoughts. Commit to shed light though a small bit.

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