A letter to the heights above


I have dedicated posts to my father, grandfather and my little naughty sister. This time, I want to dedicate it to someone very special to me; someone who holds the highest place in my life, my lord and savior. This post is for you, O mighty one!

Villa no: – 305

Dukhan, Qatar

Wednesday, 23rd September 2015

Right hand of God


Dear righteous one,

Let me start by saying Lord, that my life on this earth would never be enough to thank you for the blessings you have showered upon me. No numbers, words or symbols could ever be used to show how much you care and love me. The best I could do to portray I care and love you is by obeying your words and putting them into actions.

Forgive me father for skipping church in the past few weeks. Please excuse me for discontinuing the good habits I had (like reading the bible before going to bed); I long to come back to all this. I did miss your powerful words and often found myself lost. Help me savior to spend more time with you as well as listen to you. I know the seeds of life have not planted their roots deep inside my heart. I yearn to nurture it and remove the weeds that stop the growth.

You have given me your life and I hope to humbly surrender mine to your hands. Please equip and prepare me for my journey.

With lots & lots of love,



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