Gracias Grandpa


A grand father is someone with silver in his hair and gold in his heart

Grand Father, a fatherly figure who is marvelous, super or noble. Or in my case all three (and more)! Where do I start from? I honestly don’t know!

You didn’t have to be by my side to tell me how much you love me. The little moments we shared together was all it took to show me you care. Thank you for telling me about this world grandpa and for bringing me closer to God. I know I don’t do my priorities properly yet you believe in me so much. Believe I would be one among the stars. Whatever you did you did it with boundless love for me and my sisters. You taught me everything from good habits all the way to business, economics, accounting… (The never-ending list)

I will miss the wonderful aroma of the tasty chicken, and making tea in your printed blue mug. I will miss watching movies with you and the talks we have before prayers; all these precious minutes I will miss, but above all, I will miss you dearly deep down. Have a safe flight back home.

Merci grand-père! Merci! Tu me manques!

Je t’embrasse



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