Realize, Forgive and Forget


When there is light, there is a shadow

There are always two sides to everything in this wide world. As long as there is good, evil exists and vice versa. When you come across people who do something that is not acceptable, you show them what is acceptable and pleasing to the maker.

“OMG! He is such a bad boy”; “she did this to me…” Let’s rewind. First of all, it’s crucial to understand no body in this world is perfect. The word does exist in the dictionary, and of course, you can use it, but just not to describe humans! Now, since you realized you are not far off from where he/she is, let’s talk about their positive mentality. There must be something respectable they have done; willingly or unwillingly, knowingly or unknowingly. Maybe not to you but somebody else, yet it still counts! This is one way of dealing with the problem – knowing you have a speck in your eye and by finding the goodness in him/ her.

A prayer is not only thanking God, but also a way of releasing all your worries and burdens. Talk to your heavenly father about him/ her. Pray for them, asking God to open up their hearts and help them to spread the goodness more. You can also ask God to give you the heart to forgive them. There is no greater blessing than having the mind to forgive people when they do wrong. People may repeat their mistakes over and over. But like the scripture says, Forgive them not seven times but seventy. If you forgive them, the holy one will forgive your sins too.

Another practice (my favorite one) is forgetting (or at least try to because I know it’s hard) what they did to you. Why carry that extra burden, when you don’t have to? From my experience I can tell you, your life will become much easier and happier. Smile and let go of it, leave it to God, and he will handle it beautifully!

All you have to do when a situation like this arises – realize, forgive and forget. These steps can bring the beam back to your face.

Have a blessed evening!


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