Shine bright like a Diamond

SOMESLASHTHINGS+AGENCY+chanel+haute+joaillerie+04This post is dedicated to the jewel of my family chain; my youngest sister.

In this dark world, you will come across many things that try to make you lose your shine. We, your elders, would like to polish every scratch and keep you sparkling as long as we can. I want you to learn a lesson from the diamond, a girl’s best friend. It sure is dazzling, but there is a tough journey behind the gloss.

Over countless years, at an incredibly high heat and pressure, rough diamonds are formed. This is the student’s life; preparing for exams, stress to complete homework and projects, learning to organize and many, many, more lessons! Finally, after nineteen years of your life, you begin to form a shape.

The diamond reaches the surface through a volcanic eruption. This is when you jump from being a teen to an ADULT! This might be the scary bit but take heart my sister; this is the stage where you begin to shine.

Diamonds are sorted into categories according to weight, color and clarity. When you go to universities or out into this world, you might be bullied according to where you come from, how you look, speak…It’s okay, don’t worry. In the end all of you have a value, no matter what.

Diamonds are cut and sawed till the stone is smooth. Your elders are there to polish you and to teach you discernment in order to have a steady life.

Each stone is checked in the microscope for clarity. We want to see the purity in you; all the habits and manners you were taught, the personality and character you built when you were small. This is important if you want to be successful in life.

After the diamonds are manufactured, they are ready to be sold to jewelry makers. This is the last stage; you have been taught everything you must know and now you are ready to be on your own. You are ready to take your own decisions. With the help from your heavenly father, you can surely shine. Look back and thank your elders, move forward, trusting God.

The lives of diamonds are worth teaching and learning from. It can be challenging and perhaps painful, but in the end you are all set to shine and reflect on who you are. Even if it means standing alone, you have the power to glow. Whatever you do and wherever you are, make the people around you happy and spread love enduringly. I am sure you will make all of us proud. Wishing you all the best.

With lots of love & prayers



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