Fearfully and Wonderfully made


Hey gorgeous!

Yes, you who’s reading this right now. You have a beauty deep inside you that you haven’t still found out. The world may judge you from the outside but I look at your heart.

It’s okay sweetie to feel insecure about yourself sometimes; it’s something everyone feels no matter how perfect they are. No, no one is perfect. Admiringly everyone looks at Instyle, shape, star, my weekly… (The list goes on and on); the glowing,spotless skin on the cover page and then you look at yourself. I am on the other end of the scale. I can imagine myself in there, the slim body…Why couldn’t I have been born with straight and soft hair? All these tormenting thoughts and questions I listen to whenever you flip through the prismatic pages.

My dear, I want you to understand this is only an illusion they create. They want you to change the way you look and be like them. They want you to canvas your face with all sorts of colours and chemicals. You are only covering up the beautiful ‘you’ I have created. Whenever you feel like complaining about how you look, I can give you ten thousand reasons to smile and thank me.

You have such pretty eyes, open them and look around because you have sight. You are not blind. You have a charming smile, a gift that not everyone has. Use it to enhance your warm personality. You have hands and legs and I have blessed you with everything you require. You are blessed my child. Always remember, I love you just the way you are. If someone calls you ugly, forgive them because that’s a wonderful thing in you which only I see; that’s how you show the world how beautiful you are. If you are discouraged, keep fighting harder; when laughed at, laugh with them; if they hate you, you love them, keeping in mind, that they hate me who created you. In the end it was never between you and them, it is between you and me.

With love,



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