An idler’s summer

turning_off_alarm She is just like any other high school student; desperately wants a break from her seven hour schedule (of nothing but lifeless lessons and endless notes). Summer is just around the corner and she cannot wait, for she had made some innovative plans and a few promises to herself.

Finally, the day arrived where she no longer had to drag herself out of bed at 6 am, or hunt for text books among the towering book piles in her cluttered territory. No more last-minute stuffing-breakfast into her mouth and no more brisk walks to school. ‘I don’t have to worry about any of these things until September’ she says with a broad smile on her Sun tanned face.

July 1st, 2015, the first day of her exciting summer holidays. She opened her wide brown eyes to the sudden screaming of her 8:30 am alarm. It’s the indication to the time for the morning walk she promised herself to do every day over the summer. So, morning walk out of today’s to-do list.

Its 10 am and she is finally downstairs for breakfast. Disappointingly she looked down at her to-do list munching a few cereals. She has not only missed her morning walk but also making pancakes and berry shake for breakfast. ‘Now it’s too late to make any of these’, she said to herself sadly but at the same time pacified herself saying there’s always a tomorrow. Next on the list; sewing lessons with grandpa, making friendship bracelets… She skim-read the list until she found something that pleased her mood, watching T.V. The minute hand ran promptly, the hour hand chased it until the latter stopped by 1. “Time for lunch”, her mom howled from across the room. Whining about her growing headache, she dragged herself, hastily had lunch and went back to bed to soothe her headache.

At quarter to seven she was free from her head ache and decided to get out of bed. She was welcomed downstairs by the captivating aroma of the Shepherd’s pie. After feasting on the pie, she wanted to do something productive and thought helping her mother was a great idea. ‘There were only a few dishes to wash and I am already tired! Goodness me! How can I bring about a family in a few years’ time? …’. The countless thoughts eventually became a burden for her and she went back to her cozy bed again. ‘This day passed by without me doing anything fruitful. God please help me to make full use of these holidays you have blessed me with and help me to do something favorable in your eyes. Amen’. 

She woke up every morning facing similar situations and went to bed every night praying for the same issues.

Days passed by and ultimately weeks, yet she wasn’t able to do anything innovative or keep her promises. The force of laziness was so powerful that it dragged her along with it. She was worried not because she didn’t have anything to do, but because she had many things to do and couldn’t help but sleep all day. ‘This routine cannot just carry on; it has to be altered somehow and soon’.

Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls,

This is a situation most of us face. We want to do a lot but simply cannot because we are either unwilling to put in a little effort or simply the mood isn’t right. I am writing this post openly because ‘She’ is none other than me. Honestly, this has been my schedule for the past two weeks. This post is the evidence that I am fighting laziness with the power of determination.

Yesterday, before going to bed I made up my mind. I knew I couldn’t all of a sudden become an active person, it takes time. So, one small step at a time. Surprisingly instead of 10 am I managed to be a victim to my alarm and woke up at 8:30. For me this was something hard to do, but with a little will power I was able to fight and win.

To be an active person and to untangle yourself from the bonds of laziness, you need only two tools; a goal and self-determination. If you set a goal, you always have something to look forward to and you will often find yourself wanting to put some effort in. Self-determination should come from deep within that controls you; your mind, will and emotions. It’s not something you find in you when you wake up one morning; you have to put it in there because no one else can. Remember this – no one knows you more than you yourself. You know what you are capable of; don’t let others trip you over. So, buckle up, the adventure is about to begin!

Have a wonderful summer!


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