Taming your Deceiver


The poor people are often the most generous

It is difficult to tame your eyes, but it’s not impossible.

Look around you, are you happy? If not, why? Do you still need that sparkly Gucci bag because Louis Vuitton failed to keep you pleased? Pause. Think again. Do we really need all these things? Would buying more keep you happier? These are questions we often forget to ask ourselves.

Just like any other girl, I loved to shop. I looked at my shopping bag and “Girl, I’m happy!” I’m so proud of my selections until I see my friend in a vibrant floral top. ‘Oh dear me! I have fallen in love with it. How I want it!’ Pause. There are children all over the world who wear the same clothes every day. They are happy not because they have everything they want but because they have everything they need. Yes, we should learn to differentiate between wanting and needing things. Guess what? If you have a roof above your head, food and water you are richer than 80% of humanity who live on less than $10 a day. We should always remember; Giving would never make you poor, only happier.

So, next time you go shopping, think. Are you shopping for what you need or for your heart’s desires? You may think buying that one shirt wouldn’t make a big difference, but believe me it does! That money could be just enough to feed a starving child which in order could save a life.

Keep this quote at the back of your minds –

‘You can only buy too much, never give enough’

Have a blessed week ahead!


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